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Prayer request for our Sacristan

Josephine-del-Bene-160522Please join with us in praying for the recovery of our dedicated Sacristan and long-time Two Rocks resident, Josephine Del Bene, who returns home this week after a month in rehabilitation at Osborne Park Hospital for a hip replacement.

Remember Sacristans go largely unappreciated (until they get sick and suddenly nobody knows what to do!)  Fortunately, the very capable Janie Bird and Sarah Knapp have stepped in so everything is running smoothly!

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23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A | If your brother sins against you

Here are the Mass Readings and Newsletter for this weekend.

Word format: Year A 23rd Sunday

Pdf: Year A 23rd Sunday

REFLECTION:  Today’s commentary on Confronting Sin in the Church is taken from Dr John Bergsma’s exegesis at The Sacred Page.

PRAYERS:  Please pray for Christina Even of Yanchep who is recovering from her hip operation.  Also please pray for David Navin, whose boat sank off Two Rocks earlier this week, and who has now died in hospital.  Please also pray for all fathers (it being Father’s Day in Australia).  We would like to promote the work of the Fatherhood Foundation at the Dads4Kids website – they have a number of great resources for Dads.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We are also pleased to announce that recently ordained Father Christian Irdi will be taking the time to visit us and celebrate the 6 p.m. Vigil Mass next Saturday, 13 September, at St James Church, Yanchep.  Please bring a plate to share for supper in the hall after Mass.

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19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Here is the Church Newsletter for this weekend:

Word format: Year A 19th Sunday

Pdf format: Year A 19th Sunday

Please let us pray for the Christians and other minorities in Iraq, who are suffering unimaginable persecution at this time.  More information here:

Read the Emergency SOS from the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch, Louis Sako, President of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops in Iraq (7 August 2014).

Donate to Aid to the Church in Need here.

Fast and pray for the persecuted Church in Iraq and Syria.

 Christ Walking on Water

Christ Walking on Water