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Prayer Vigil and Mass for Murdered Children

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john-paul-ii-hopeThe Catholic Church of Yanchep will be holding a prayer vigil and Mass today, 22 October, with the special intention of praying for the deceased children, Andreas (3) and Lily Headland (5) and for their parents and extended family.  We will commence a vigil at 5.30 today in the carpark of the Yanchep Community Centre, followed by our usual Mass at 6 p.m. in the Community Centre’s Activity Room for anyone who would like to stay on and pray with us.  Let us pray that the Light of Christ will draw us together in solidarity, mutual support and community spirit to fight Satan and his forces of darkness.

At times like this we often ask why God permits such evil.  Why does he allow children to suffer?

The answer is that God has given us free will and he asks us to use it to choose the good. He doesn’t prevent us from experiencing the consequences of our evil actions.  Satan seeks to entrap us in fear, in depression, in darkness and despair.  Satan seeks to attack, divide and destroy families.  The Light of Christ, on the other hand, brings hope, joy and love.  We need to pray that the Light of Christ envelops our community and that we in Yanchep Two Rocks become a community of care for one another, a community that prays together, a community that calls down the power of the Holy Spirit upon us and that banishes sin and evil.

Watch this video from Bishop Robert Barron on why God allows suffering:


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