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News flash – delay to Lancelin Church!

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Greg Russo from the Archdiocesan Finance Office advises the following:

I am sorry to advise you that TR Homes have applied for the building licence with the local shire and they have been advised by the shire that the site has been rezoned  and that a church can currently not be built on the land held by the Church. We have put in place actions to have this decision changed  but please be advised that the change could take 12 months.

What this probably means is that the Finance Office have applied to the Shire of Gingin for permission to build a Place of Worship on land not zoned “Civic and Cultural”.  The Council will need to advertise our application and probably open the proposal for submissions from the Community.  Please keep an eye out for a Council sign appearing on the site and requesting submissions, as we want as many members of our Church as possible to write to the Council at this time supporting our request.  Please do not write to the Council prior to this, as they will only accept submissions between certain dates.  We will keep you updated about how you can help.

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